We’re very happy to announce that the lucky respondent for the survey is Miss Joanna Chan from the Philippines. We requested for her photo with her chosen gift and she was gracious to grant it so here it is. Congratulations and may the fab handy cluth bag bring you more luck!

Joanna Chan, Bow Survey Winner

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We got your honest feedback and we truly appreciate the time and suggestions given to us.

To keep the surprise going, we won’t tell the name of the winner now, but follow the gift online couriered today (click on the image and you’ll be directed to Aramex Courier Online Tracking).

Click to follow the gift.

Aramex Airway Bill Tracking No.: 3083615415

Check back this blog after 2 weeks, which is enough time that our lucky respondent finally got the surprise, we’ll reveal the full identity of the 1st ever Bow’s Survey Winner.


Tracking Link:

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We advocate that everybody should live their passion and nothing less! Visit for articles and more for this cause.

We call everyone to share their inputs and let us build a venue that encourages us in LIVING OUR PASSION!


We’re starting to send out the survey today!

Lucky respondent should either be a resident of the Philippines or United Arab Emirates. Choice of GIFT for grab from BOW Santa includes:

Burberry, Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen and Paul Smith

Complete answers should be sent to before July 30, 2010. Email us if you want to receive the survey and join the fun 🙂 If you’re living outside Philippines or UAE, feel free to still answer the survey to help us out with more info about YOU, The Gift & Surprise Giver!

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A Giver may think that all the fun is with the Recipient but the truth is this is one of those win-win situations. Based on our personal experience (the team behind Bow), everytime we give a gift to someone, these are what consume us:

  • Thoughts work its maximum creativity to ensure coming up with a great surprise.
  • The whole process prior to delivery is filled with excitement and dreams.
  • The anticipation on the day of delivery is magical.
  • After seeing Recipient’s gladness, it gives the Giver grateful power to do wonders again.
  • Heart smiles and beats with pure bliss.

The best addition to all, the Giver, Bow’s Client, will expect a service fit for a President and the feeling of being part of not just a team but a family.

Gift symbolizes love and appreciation; and the best way to make the Recipient’s day magical is giving a gift without waiting for an occasion.

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Today is Bow’s blog birthday and debut online. This is the first ever entry and we’re excited to give you a scoop! We’re cooking a survey that will be sent to everyone who are in our contacts – send us your email should you want to receive the survey before it ends on July 30, 2010. It’s a start for us to have an idea of the market’s heart beat regarding gift giving. Watch out because the lucky respondent who completes the questionnaires will win fabulous prize (signature brand is on the grab *wink*)!

Terms and Conditions apply for the survey sweepstakes 🙂


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